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Painting Sunset on Sugar Cookies

Course: Snack
Cuisine: American
Keyword: cookies art, paint sunset on cookies, painting on sugar cookies, painting sunset on cookies, royal icing, sugar cookies
Author: El Amor Kitchen


  • Sugar cookies with Royal Icing on it
  • brush no. 0 (thin and long brush)
  • Alcohol (vodka) for making the gel food coloring fry faster
  • Gel food colorings
  • Edible food markers


  • First painting : (use brush no. 0)
    Painting the sun with white colour and yellow color around the sun (so sorry I was wrong type with moon on my video)
  • Add orange and red colors on every side of the sun
  • Add golden or dark yellow color on the top
  • And give some dark color or black to make the sunset more beautiful, set aside
  • Second painting : (use brush no. 0)
    Paint the sun like the first painting, but you use yellow color for the sun
  • Add soft yellow and orange colors around the sun
  • Give some red color for the bottom to make the sunset more beautiful
  • Let them really dry first before you start to paint inside.
  • After dry, you can draw trees or birds etc inside the cookies.
    You can use brush no. 0 for painting the tress and the details and edible food markers for other drawings.


Note : If you want to mix your painting between gel food coloring and edible food markers, you have to wait until the first painting is really dry before you add another colors.