Have you ever painted something on your sugar cookies? If you never do that, you must try this so you know what a fun you will have when you paint something. Maybe you will say : No, I am not an artist or I don’t have any talent for doing that etc..

My answer is you don’t have to be an artist for painting on cookies. What you need is you want to learn and you have a patient to do that. Art is a fun and something you never can imagine if you never start to do that.

I start to paint about 3 years ago. When I was child, I only like to draw something but wasn’t so serious. After I graduate from high school, I never touched my drawing book. And I just start again 3 years ago. Begin with pencil and drawing book, I was drawing simple animal or cartoon. Then I tried to draw dogs, nature etc on drawing books and T shirt. It was a fun and reduce my stress a lot. I do enjoyed that.

I love to see cookies art from everybody who made a video on YouTube, after that I decided to try to paint on my cookies. I started to make my sugar cookies and fantastic Royal Icing and learn how to store Royal Icing for longer time. (you can find the videos on my YouTube channel)


Those are the photos how you can paint sunset on sugar cookies. Honestly the easiest way to start to learn painting on sugar cookies is painting with sunset, because you can apply any sunset colors you like on your cookies.

I will write step by step how to paint the sunset on sugar cookies on the recipe. I give you two ways how to paint that.

These are the second way how to paint sunset and was using three colors only, it’s easy right? Picture number three is all the basic of sunset colors that I already painted on my cookies.

After you applied the basic colors of sunset, you can paint trees, birds etc inside, but you have to wait until the basic colors was really dried. I was using a brush and edible food marker for painting inside. What’s the different between using the brush and edible food markers? According to my experience, if you are the first time to paint on cookies, you better useĀ  edible food markers because it’s like you use a pencil to draw, more stable for you. Even your children also will like to paint with edible food markers. It will be fun for them.

Painting Sunset on Sugar Cookies

Course: Snack
Cuisine: American
Keyword: cookies art, paint sunset on cookies, painting on sugar cookies, painting sunset on cookies, royal icing, sugar cookies
Author: El Amor Kitchen


  • Sugar cookies with Royal Icing on it
  • brush no. 0 (thin and long brush)
  • Alcohol (vodka) for making the gel food coloring fry faster
  • Gel food colorings
  • Edible food markers


  • First painting : (use brush no. 0)
    Painting the sun with white colour and yellow color around the sun (so sorry I was wrong type with moon on my video)
  • Add orange and red colors on every side of the sun
  • Add golden or dark yellow color on the top
  • And give some dark color or black to make the sunset more beautiful, set aside
  • Second painting : (use brush no. 0)
    Paint the sun like the first painting, but you use yellow color for the sun
  • Add soft yellow and orange colors around the sun
  • Give some red color for the bottom to make the sunset more beautiful
  • Let them really dry first before you start to paint inside.
  • After dry, you can draw trees or birds etc inside the cookies.
    You can use brush no. 0 for painting the tress and the details and edible food markers for other drawings.


Note : If you want to mix your painting between gel food coloring and edible food markers, you have to wait until the first painting is really dry before you add another colors.




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