About Me

About Me

Hi and welcome everyone!! 🙂
I am Vonny, the baker, photographer and owner of El Amor Kitchen online shopping.

I started this blog cause I love to share my baking and cooking adventure to all of you with only an easy and delicious recipes.

Baking is my passion and hobby. I love to eat delicious cakes, breads, desserts etc, but I was buying from bakery shops before.
Since I made and sell all by myself, I found with making my own cakes etc, I can adjust the sugar if I don’t want my cake too sweet and also I can choose to use premium ingredients for my cakes. That’s making me so happy, eating a good stuffs always become my passion cause I love a quote “you are what you eat”. That’s what I sell also for my customers, premium ingredients for all my products.

I found so much challenge to make new recipes and that’s making me want to learn more and more.
I really enjoy working with a dough, therefore baking is my favourite parts of cooking.

I believe that cooking and baking is for everybody. You don’t have to be a baker or chef for doing that. By learning step by step, you will have a lot of fun and adventures like me.

I always show you on my youtube video and on this blog also, how to make everything step by step so will be easier for you to learn.


El Amor is a Spanish languange and means love. It’s describes me that I made everything with love. I share every recipe for you also with love. And I hope you also have so much love to make the recipe that I share here and on my youtube channel.


In my private life, I am a mother and I love to paint with acrylic and water color also.
That’s why I also painted on sugar cookies because that’s a fun for me in my spare time.

I made this blog to share good and as much as possible healthy recipes and good information related to foods, and I will post only about recipes and the products that I sell on my online shop.

I know I will have so much work if I want to develop this blog and my YouTube channel during my busy time as a seller also. But I think I will not postponed more longer for doing that.


You can ask any questions , leave your comments and share with me for the recipe that you’ve tried here.
You can also can share your creations of my recipes on your Instagram by tagging my account @bake.with.vonny with your beautiful photos.


For business enquiries, advertisements and collaborations please email :


Have a fun time here!! and you can also check out my
YouTube channel where I already started first El Amor Kitchen.

My last word for you, It’s never too late to learn something new.

Happy Baking and happy shopping!!

Hi and welcome everyone!:)

This blog is for you who want to learn how to bake, cooking and painting on cookies step by step.

Who wants to buy my products   also can find on this blog.


Easy steps to follow

For every recipe which I post I always tried to give you step by step tutorial how to make that, so will be easier for you to follow

Delicious recipes guarantee

I am a fan of homemade and delicious food, so I also only make a delicious foods. If I tried a food or cake and the result wasn’t delicious, I will never share it.

Clear audio & video

I tried to make my video more professional than before the first time I created my youtube channel.